Greener Shipping Summit 2014

 Ships of the Future

A Newsfront / Naftiliaki event – under the auspices of MARTECMA
Tuesday, November 11, 2014 – Athens Ledra Hotel

Keynote Speaker: Stavros Hatzigrigoris, Managing Director, Maran Gas Maritime Inc
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Session 1 – New Fuels

• Implications of the ECA's regulations and the 2020 low sulphur limits on worldwide fuel availability
  Maria Kyratsoudi, FOBAS Senior Specialist GEMA, Hellenic Lloyd's SA
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• LNG as a marine fuel – LNG supply and demand / market forcast
  Ioannis Psarros, Project Leader, The Boston Consulting Group, Athens Office
  Ioannis Psarros.pdf

• Fuel mass measurements for engines & bunker lines applications with the use of Coriolis Flowmeters
  Antonis Assimakopoulos, Marine Service Manager, ABB
  Antonis Asimakopoulos.pdf

• The Greek LNG market / Issues of supply and demand / Future prospects
  Stelios Bikos, Head of Gas Supply Portfolio Management, DEPA SA
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• LNG bunkering infrastructure / Small scale LNG and CNG ships
  George Souravlas, CEO, Load Line Marine SA, Vice President, EENMA
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• LNG fuelled ships – Desing considerations
  Stavros Niotis, Engineer, Piraeus Technology & Business Development, ABS
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Session 2 – Ship Operations and the Environment

• Technology qualification: A powerful tool for innovative propulsion projects
   Michael Markogiannis, Manager Plan Approval & Technical Support Centre, RINA Hellas
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• Two stroke engine / Retrofit: Give your MC a little "E"
   Jan Jensen, Manager Retrofit Sales, MAN Diesel & Turbo, PrimeServ Copenhagen
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• Innovative technologies for sustainable shipping
   Nikolaos Kakalis, Manager, Strategic Research & Innovation, Greece, DNV GL
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• The escalating impact of environmental regulations
   Panos Zachariadis, Technical Director, Atlantic Bulk Carriers Management Ltd
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• Measuring hull and propeller performance
  Tom Evensen, Sales Director - Hull Performance Solutions, Jotun A/S
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• Are your vessel's lubricants environmentally considerate?
  Jens Moeller, Technical Manager Europe & Africa, Shell Marine Products
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Session 3 – Ship Design

• Energy management solutions
   Kristinn Aspelund, Sales & Marketing Director, Marorka
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• Low powered, slow speed ships, will safety problems be created?
   Demosthenes Triperinas, Dipl. Naval Architect & Marine Engineer, NTUA
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• Exploiting model testing to improve efficiency
  John Kokarakis, Vice President Technology & Business Development, Hellenic, Black Sea & Middle East Zone, Bureau Veritas
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• PYTHIA: A diagnosis and monitoring system for marine diesel engines – Results from on board applications
   Dimitrios Hountalas, Professor for Internal Combustion Engines, School of Mechanical Engineering, NTUA
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• Update on scrubbers: Technology evolution and experience gained through the year / SECA – Compliance
   Maurizio Archetti, Co-founder and Vice President - Engineering and R&D, Ecospray Technologies
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• Potential future dual fuel engine concepts using advanced turbocharging and variable valve timing
   Paolo Tremuli, Responsible for New Engine Technologies, ABB Turbo Systems AG
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• MDT dual fuel engines with TIER III compliance
  Michael Jeppesen, Promotion Manager, Sales & Customer Support, Marine Low Speed, MAN Diesel & Turbo
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Session 4 – Ballast Water Treatment on the eve of ratification

• Moderator: Vayia Hatziyianni, Project Team Leader, Minerva Marine Inc
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• ERMA FIRST - Konstantinos Stampedakis, Managing Director
Konstantinos Stampedakis.pdf

• Knutsen Technology – Bernt Olav Bauer-Nilsen, Project Manager
Bernt Olav Bauer-Nilsen.pdf

• NK Co, Ltd – Jae-chul Jung
  Jae-chul Jung.pdf

• OceanSaver – Tor Atle Eiken, Head Sales & Marketing
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• Wärtsilä – Stelios Kyriacou, Technical Director, Ballast Water Management Systems
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